July & August Favorites

Long time, no see. I know I shouldn't create excuses, but there are a few... Such as: Cosmetology school, got married, went to Jamaica, moved to a different state, and got a new job in a salon.

I am back now, and I hope to be motivated to keep up with the blog and YouTube! Fingers crossed.

July & August. I can't believe summer is almost over. Although NC had a semi-cool summer, I am very excited for fall and winter weather. Blankets, hot chocolate, cute boots, and comfy scarfs. Can. Not. Wait.

This past month I rediscovered products I had hidden away, and I'm glad I pulled out the box of "Maybe I'll use later products." I also picked up a few from Ulta, Trader Joe's, Walmart, and my local hair shop.

Urban Decay Naked 2. I use this product on the daily. Super easy to change up your eye makeup without even thinking about it. All the colors go well with each other. Pretty fool proof. 

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've had these cookies on my mind for sometime now. I believe I saw them in a Food Network magazine. They looked oh-so amazing with their yumminess of chocolate and bacon. Let me tell you, they were AMAZING. MmmmMmMMmmMmmm.
Just thinking about them now make my mouth water. Bacon + Chocolate = Heaven 

News Paper Nails How-to

 I'm like obsessed with doing my nails. Obsessed doesn't even seem strong enough. I love having my nails painting and doing different designs. The other day, I was lookin' around the internets and I found a picture of News Paper Nails. I just HAD to try it for myself! So, I did and I also took pictures! 

Here's how to do it. :)

Bow Nails Tutorial

What's more girly than bows? Um, nothing! I saw this done on beautylish and I thought I'd give it a go. It's so cute, fun and easy!

Paint your nails any color you'd like. I went with pink because it's my favorite color. This color is Something Sweet by China Glaze.

Next, with a darker pink (or any color you choose.) Draw tiny triangles with the tips touching each other. Mine is a bit messy. I had shaky hands today! This color is Shocking Pink by China Glaze.