Bow Nails Tutorial

What's more girly than bows? Um, nothing! I saw this done on beautylish and I thought I'd give it a go. It's so cute, fun and easy!

Paint your nails any color you'd like. I went with pink because it's my favorite color. This color is Something Sweet by China Glaze.

Next, with a darker pink (or any color you choose.) Draw tiny triangles with the tips touching each other. Mine is a bit messy. I had shaky hands today! This color is Shocking Pink by China Glaze.

Take any color of your liking and put little dot in the middle. This will be the knot of your bow. I used LA Colors Art Deco Nail Polish in Gold Glitter.

Lastly, trace your bows with a darker color to add dimension. You could skip this step if you like. I used LA Colors Art Deco Nail Polish in Black. ( I think I'll do with a lighter color next time.)

Pretty easy and cute, if you have a steady hand! 

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