Braided up-do hair tutorial

Hey y'all! The other day I did this hair style and a few people asked how it was done, so I thought I would make a picture tutorial!

It's fairly easy. Just a bun and some braids!

Step 1. Take your fingers in an L shape

Step 2. Put your thumbs behind your ears and pull your hair into a half pony tail.

Half up, half down.

Step 3. Take the rest of your hair and braid each side.

Pippi Longstocking!

Step 4. Take down the hair you originally had up and fix it into a nice bun or ponytail. 

Last, but not least, pull your braids across your head and pin them into place!

You can pull a few pieces down to frame your face. :)

Tada! Simple and cute!


  1. that is brilliant, seems fairly simple as well, I'll have to give it a go sometime soon :)

  2. Love it, I am going to try it out on Lou!